About Bonnie

Great to meet you

Growing up in a small town outside of Orlando, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would want to live anywhere other than the “Sunshine State.” I have absolutely loved my time in Washington state and Germany over the last 12 years. It’s been a privilege and an incredible experience living in other parts of the world. Florida is my home though, and I am so excited to be back and settling myself, and my children in to our new normal.

My “babies” are my whole life. Noah completely changed how I view the world, and it’s hard to believe he will be 10 in a few short months! Gracelynn is my sweet, spunky, dry-humored 7 year old who knows exactly who she is and what she likes. When I was pregnant with my youngest, Delilah, I had heard that going from two kids to three was easy and seamless. That statement could not have been more false for me. She rocked our family’s world in the best of ways from the very beginning. We love to hunt Pokémon, build towers and castles and little cities with legos.

I could go on an on about how great my kids are and all the things we like to do together, but let me tell you a bit about me. I love reading. I love the smell of brand new pages from cracking open a book for the first time, and the old scents that come from books that have aged. In June 2014, I realized I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs without becoming winded and needing to catch my breath. That sparked the journey to becoming healthier and now that is how I provide “self care” for me. Nothing makes me feel better than learning what my body is capable of doing. However, Tacos are my weakness. I LOVE them! Beef tacos, chicken tacos, fish tacos, vegetarian tacos… I don’t discriminate. I love them all. YUM!

For the last few years I have spent the majority of time, aside from raising my babies, studying psychology and working with families, birthing mothers, and women in their postpartum season. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Psychology in March 2017, and began the Master of Arts in Psychology in May 2017. Working with families and birthing women has opened my eyes to the care that falls short for women postpartum. I have made it my mission to change the way women are cared for in their postpartum season.

Life is an awfully big adventure …